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SCALANCE W-780 Access Points

IWLAN is particularly suited to applications that require reliable wireless communication and operation under harsh environmental conditions:

  • Predictable data traffic (strict real-time requirements) and defined response times on the radio link
  • Reliable radio link, e.g. due to redundant connection and cyclic monitoring of the wireless path
  • Cost savings due to a separate radio network for reliable operation of a process as well as for critical process data (e.g. alarm signals), as well as for non-critical communication (e.g. service and diagnostics)
  • Investment security because all products are compatible with the internationally recognized WLAN standard IEEE 802.11, suitable for the unlicensed frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (ISM bands)
  • Quick commissioning of the access points with the swap medium PRESET-PLUG
  • Reduced operating costs, because there is no wear of rotating and moving plant sections
  • Cost-effective connection to devices which are remote, difficult to access or in hostile environments
  • Operational reliability in the industrial environment, e.g. thanks to a rugged housing and industrial approvals
  • Increased plant availability through wireless data transmission to mobile communication partners with the RCoax radiating cable
  • Uniform radio network throughout the company sectors for voice and data; cost savings resulting from central management, simple installation and reliable startup
  • Instantaneous shutdown of the system in critical situations via the emergency stop button of the SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN with safety function

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