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SCALANCE W-780 Access Points

The Access Points of the SCALANCE W-780 product line are designed for both industrial use and for demanding climatic requirements outdoors. Versions for the inexpensive integration in cabinets or in devices are also available. They offer a reliable radio connection, versatile redundancy mechanisms, and fast transfer of stations from one access point to the next (roaming). In this manner, processes can be monitored and production failures through machine downtimes avoided. In addition, Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) can be used in time-critical applications associated with production automation (PROFINET IO) or for safety-related signals (PROFIsafe).

Due to the high degree of protection (IP65) and the extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, the access points are ideally suited for use in the food and beverages industry (e.g. cooling technology) and in logistics. SCALANCE W products are silicone-free and can therefore also be used in paint plants.

When using the RCoax cable (radiating cable), operation is particularly reliable in conveying technology and all track applications (e.g. storage and retrieval systems).

Variants of the SCALANCE W-786 product line are available with internal antennas for applications that require antennas to be used under demanding ambient conditions.

Application examples:

  • Automated guided vehicles and suspended monorails;
    prevention of wear and high flexibility in the choice of route thanks to wireless transmission of data to the vehicles
  • Crane;
    high flexibility through access to data communication with the moving unit independent of the location
  • Mobile control console;
    reliable intervention in the process thanks to data communication over IWLAN with mobile units (e.g. Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN); the number of operator panels is therefore determined by the number of personnel and no longer by the number of control desks.
  • Wireless access to field devices for configuration and testing without the need for time-consuming modifications in the control cabinet
  • Online access to service and maintenance drawings;
    Immediate updating of the measures performed in the system over IWLAN;
    Optimized processes and reduced error ratios thanks to online information regardless of the location of the machine
  • Communication with moving stations (e.g. mobile controls and devices), container logistics, storage and retrieval machines, conveyor systems, conveyor belts, rotating machines, trucks
  • Wireless coupling of communication segments and bridging of large distances for fast commissioning and for cost-effective networks in which cable routing would be extremely expensive (e.g. on public roads, rivers, lakes, train lines)

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