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CPU 317F-2 DP

The CPU 317F-2 DP is equipped with the following:

  • Microprocessor
    The processor achieves an execution time of approximately 100 ns per binary instruction and 2 µs per floating-point operation. The CPU317F-2 DP is clearly superior in terms of processing speed, particularly where word or double-word commands and 32 bit fixed-point commands are concerned.
  • Memory
    1024 KB high-speed RAM for safety-relevant and standard program sections; increased memory space requirements must be expected (5 times larger) if safety-relevant program sections are implemented. SIMATIC Micro Memory Cards (8 MB max.) as load memory for the program also allow the project to be stored in the CPU (complete with symbols and comments) and can be used for data archiving and recipe management.
  • Flexible expansion
    up to 32 modules (four-tier configuration)
  • Combined MPI/DP interface
    The first MPI/DP integrated interface can establish as many as 32 connections simultaneously to S7-300/400 or connections to programming device, PC, OP. Among these connections, one is always reserved for programming devices and another for OPs. A simple network with up to 32 CPUs can be configured with the MPI interfaces and "global data communication".
  • The MPI interface can be reconfigured from an MPI to a DP interface. The DP interface can be used as a DP master or as a DP slave.
  • PROFIBUS DP interface;
    The second integrated interface of the CPU 317F-2 DP is a pure PROFIBUS DP interface that can be used as a DP master or as a DP slave. It allows a distributed automation configuration with high speeds and simple handling. From the user's point of view, the distributed I/Os are treated the same as central I/Os (identical configuration, addressing and programming).
    The PROFIBUS DP V1 standard is supported in full. This increases the scope of DP V1 standard slaves in terms of diagnostics and parameterization capability.
    Limitation: It is impossible to operate both interfaces simultaneously as slaves.

Distributed I/O stations containing fail-safe I/O modules can be connected through the two integrated PROFIBUS DP interfaces. The fail-safe I/O modules of ET 200M can also be installed in central and safety-related configurations. The fail-safe I/O modules of ET 200M can also be centrally implemented. Safety-related communication is performed over PROFIBUS DP with the PROFIsafe profile.

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