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CPU 1212C
  • Comprehensive instruction set:
    A wide range of operations facilitate programming:
    • basic operations such as binary logic operations, result allocation, save, count, create times, load, transfer, compare, shift, rotate, create complement, call subprogram (with local variables)
    • integral communication commands (e.g. USS protocol, Modbus RTU, S7 communication "T-Send/T-Receive" or Freeport)
    • user-friendly functions such as pulse-width modulation, pulse sequence function, arithmetic functions, floating point arithmetic, PID closed-loop control, jump functions, loop functions and code conversions
    • mathematical functions, e.g. SIN, COS, TAN, LN, EXP
  • Counting:
    User-friendly counting functions in conjunction with the integrated counters and special commands for high-speed counters open up new application areas for the user
  • Interrupt processing:
    • edge-triggered interrupts (activated by rising or falling edges of process signals on interrupt inputs) support a rapid response to process events.
    • time-triggered interrupts.
    • counter interrupts can be triggered when a setpoint is reached or when the direction of counting changes.
    • communication interrupts allow the rapid and easy exchange of information with peripheral devices such as printers or bar code readers
  • Password protection
  • Test and diagnostics functions:
    Easy-to-use functions support testing and diagnostics, e.g. online/offline diagnostics
  • "Forcing" of inputs and outputs during testing and diagnostics:
    Inputs and outputs can be set independently of cycle and thus permanently, for example, to test the user program
  • Motion Control in accordance with PLCopen for simple movements
  • Library functionality

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